Ayakashi Ghost Guild

                Hey guys! Long time no see. I'm not in a hiatus mode, the truth is, I've lost interest on blogging >_> huhu.. There's something that caught my attention and I've been spending my free time mostly with it. It is Ayakashi Ghost Guild. It is a game made by marketing company, Zynga. I rephrase, Zynga is not a game company, it is marketing but gratefully, until now, i haven't spend a single cent on the game.. ( some of my friends already did and being called 'whale' haha )

                Ayakashi Ghost Guild is fun. It is a card online with base strategy game. It needs you to find a way to succeed in an event. Read a lot of Ayakashi wiki and refer to old player, they can help giving useful tips and information to the new player.. You can ask me too because I'm not a newbie anymore lol :DD
                What's the interesting things on Ayakashi ? Well, I play the game because of the arts.. If I didn't manage to get the card I want, I could just download the wallpaper. Ayakashi has been the 'hardest' game compare to Million Arthur or Valkyrie Crusade. It is because the customer support is bad so I don't recommend using money on this game. One day, you will regret :)

                Back to the topic, Ayakashi has five main activity which are ;

  • Story - We are the main character. We and our partner, Mira will try the best to claim the title "The Best Ghost Agent". There's many problems made by the bad ghosts, after defeating the bad ghosts, we can negotiate and have them on our side!

  • Summon - We can summon powerful daemons (good ghosts). I don't recommend it because it costs gold. Plus, it also depend on our luck.. some might be lucky while the others might not. it's a waste so don't go for it.

  • Battle - We can battle with other players. The higher our spirit, more daemons can be added into our deck. (Attack and defend decks). As beginning, we need to collect as many defensive daemons to ward of attackers. Use the most powerful daemons as leader or the cutest one haha.

  • Fuse - We need magatama to feed our daemons. We need to max them so their power is at the fullest !

  • Guild - It is a big group. We can survey a good guild from Ayakashi wiki. There, if we achieve their requirement, we can join them. It is fun ! Chatting english with other people, it can help your english because some just like being grammar nazi.. but don't worry, everyone respect each other, they don't use harsh words ;) or... you could just join up your country based guild. Just search up your country name, and the guilds will appear on the list.

    • Other than story, Ayakashi also has events. We can get ranking rewards too!

  • Sealstone - This is my favourite event ! We need to collect six stones from story/battle and the daemon we get is suprised ! This kind of event is suitable for lower player because of spirit requirement of one battle cost like 30-50 spirit..(1 spirit 1 minute) but when we are high level, sometimes it cost 180 - 200 for one battle (How can we hold a stone for 3 hours?). When other players attack us, and we win, it will show as 'successful counters'.. It makes me so happy to have a decent amount of successful counters and my name appear on the board hehehe

  • Tower - We need to climb a tower with 200 floors. It is impossible to finish tower without items so we need to spare items that can help us reach 200th! I like this event because we can get good daemons but school ruined it haha. Not even a minute can be wasted.

  • Guild conquest - guild is not just for chatting, on this event, we can search and fight TOGETHER ! The boss is hard to defeat by oneself...If we are lucky, we can get bonus reward too! Luck is not my thing, so it is a very miracle that i got my bonus reward even though that was the first, let's hope that's not the the last one -.-"

  • There's also solo conquest. Solo is solo. I don't have enough spirit for 100th boss so I always stop at boss 80th-81st...

  • If we have extra week, there'll be soul gem, it is same concept with sealstone but easier and we can get decent items :)


If any of you guys, readers (i think there's no one who read my blog already xD) want to take a shot of this game, good luck ! and have fun ! people that into strategy like me really love this game, the struggle is real :))


FLL 2014 Nature's Fury - SEMERBAK VENDETTA

We are from SMK Seri Gombak aka Semerbak Vendetta for this year FLL 2014 , we choose flood as our natures fury. Our project or solution is called TENTRA . Tentra have good ventilation, electric and it provides privacy. Tentra is also made up from antimicrobial liner which can reduce the infection around the flood victims. Tentra can be a reality if you support us in FLL 2014 , help us to help our BELOVED MALAYSIAN! MALAYSIA BOLEH! Wish us a goodluck in FLL 2014 .Thanks for watching :)

FIRST Lego League
The FIRST LEGO League (also known by the acronym FLL) is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students (ages 9–14 in the USA and Canada, 9–16 elsewhere).

Competition details
There are four main sections of the competition. Firstly, in the Core Values Session, students are interviewed by a panel of judges or participate in a teamwork exercise. Secondly, in the Robot Design Executive Summary, or technicals, the students must demonstrate that the robot they built is designed appropriately for the tasks given (effective design, use of sensors, etc.). Thirdly, in the research project, the students must do a research project and give a short presentation to a panel of judges on the innovative problem-solving they completed. Finally, the students must use the robots they designed and built to autonomously complete a set of tasks on a playing field.

Table performance
The robot starts in an area marked as 'base'. This is a white area in the corner or to one side of the table. In base, two team members are allowed to touch the robot and start programs. If the team touches the robot while it is outside of base (a 'rescue' or 'retrieve'), the touch penalty objects are removed from play. These are mission models that are worth points without manipulation, providing an incentive to not rescue the robot. The robot is not required to return to base; some teams have completed all their missions without returning to base during the time allowed to complete the missions. In fact, in the 2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-2012, and 2012-13 challenges, points were awarded if the robot was in one of two specified areas, not including base, at the end of the two and a half minute match.Table performance is worth 16.6% of the total mark.

Robot Design Executive Summary
Each team has a timed interview (usually 5 to 10 minutes) with a team of judges to discuss the design and operation of their robot. Judges look for teams whose work stands out because of its innovation and/or navigational consistency. To assess innovation, the judges watch the robots work, looking for actions that impress them. They also interview team members to reveal the less obvious unique and inventive ideas. To assess navigational consistency, the judges interview the teams to learn what solid principles and best practices were used to reduce variability and errors. Robot design is worth 16.6% of the final mark. 

 Project presentation
Prior to the competition, the teams complete research related to the topic of the year. For example, in 2007 the teams researched alternative energy, which included an energy audit on a building in their area and possible improvements to its existing systems. The teams then present this information during a timed presentation to the judges. This is followed up by a timed question and answer period (typically, these are 5 minutes each). The teams can use props in their presentation, such as models or PowerPoints. The project is worth 33.3% of the final mark.

 Core Values
Observation judges watch each team in action and also interview the team to discuss how the team functioned. Judges identify teams that best demonstrate enthusiasm, spirit, partnership, respect to their own teammates and others, and gracious professionalism. Core values is worth 33.3% of the final mark.

Wish us good luck, 
Thank you for reading :)

Tips Penulisan Novel Remaja - AinMaisarah

Kenapa nak tulis novel ? Untuk apa ? Hah, kalau nak tulis sebuah buku atau novel, perlu ada matlamat :) Antara matlamat utama penulis termasuklah,

  1. Kepuasan - Apabila kita berjaya menulis novel, kita akan rasa gembira. Tambahan pula, kalau ada orang memuji karya kita. hehehe :P

  2. Dakwah - Setiap cerita, perlulah ada nilai murni dan pengajaran. 

  3. Pendapatan - Kita hanya dapat 10% daripada harga novel. Namun begitu, sekiranya 3000 naskah novel RM10 dijual, maka pendapatan penulis itu ialah RM3000. Hasil itu boleh digunakan untuk buat apa-apa perkara faedah ;)

  4. Kredibiliti

Rangka Novel. Kenapa ramai penulis terhenti di tengah jalan ? Ini kerana mereka tidak menyediakan rangka novel. Rangka novel boleh dibuat menggunakan,

  1. Carta minda tulang ikan
  2. - Rangka ikut bab 
  1. Teknik degupan jantung
  2. -permulaan - mendatar
    -konflik - perkara negatif / suram berlaku
    -klimaks - kemuncak
    -penutup - the end...
Sebaik-baiknya, tulislah sebuah novel 200-300 mukasurat, dan mempunyai 12-13 bab. Setiap bab mempunyai 15-20 mukasurat.

Sudut pandang (paling disarankan).
  1. Sudut pandang ketiga.
  2. Nama watak atau dia.
  3. Kamera dipegang oleh penulis.
  4. Contoh : Hero Rebut Popular, ms168.
Alfi termenung di atas katil, dia mula menyesali sikapnya kepada Cikgu Aziz. Nabi pun tidak pernah bercakap tidak sopan pada musuhnya. Entah mengapa, semenjak melihat peristiwa kemesraan Cikgu Aziz dan Najmina... dia jadi tidak menyukai cikgunya itu !

Teknik memulakan novel.
  1. The Normal Storytelling - Pada suatu hari...

  2. Cheknov's Gun - Meletakkan satu item yang penting pada babak 1 yang akan memainkan peranan pada babak 2.

  3. Medias Res - Plot yang menarik letak di hadapan. Contohnya, bab 7 letak sebagai permulaan, so bila sampai pada bab 7, kita hanya perlu copy paste sahaja.

  4.  The Ticking Clock - Permulaan dan cerita, bila akan berlaku sesuatu perkara. (mencemaskan/mengembara).

Teknik pengakhiran novel. Elakkan plothole, melainkan dah rancang nak buat sambungan pada novel seterusnya.
  1. Ending twist (kejutan) - Elakkan. Contohnya, penutup dia, segala perkara yang hebat belaka itu sebenarnya sebuah mimpi ._.

  2. After effect - Contohnya, 2 bulan selepas kejadian...

  3. Penutup ular gigit ekor - Contohnya, mulakan dengan watak A. Penutup pun berakhir dengan watak A.

  4. Harapan 

Teknik menulis
  1. Slow motion.
    Contoh, Fahrin terjatuh basikal kerana terlanggar batu, habis luka-luka tubuh lelaki itu.

    Slow motion = Fahrin betul-betul resah, jam tangan dikerling beberapa kalidengan rasa bersalah. Lewat, dia lewat ke sekolah lagi ! Basikal kini dipecut dengan kelajuan maksima. Fuh, kereta Ferrari pun kalah ! Dikayuhnya dengan sepenuh hati, hingga tidak sedar terlanggar batu besar di tepi jalan. Bedebuk ! Basikal melayang, Fahrin pula terbang ke udara ala-ala Superman pulang petang. Sebaik mendarat dengan keadaan tergolek-golek, Fahrin menyumpah seranah diri sendiri. "Habis! Habis luka lutut dan lengan aku hari ini !" 

  2. Emphasization.
    Contoh, Sazzy menyampah sangat dengan Umie Aidah ! Sakit hati... sakit jiwa... sakit dada ! Itulah apa yang aku rasa ! Stres tahap gaban kerana musuh ketat sudah menjelma. Sekiranya mata ini boleh tumbuh ketumbit dan bisul, mesti sudah berbintik=bintik keluar bernanah sebaik menatap wajah Umie Aidah.

    Sekiranya kulit mukaku boleh bertukar warna mengikut perasaan, tentu wajahku sudah gelap gelita seperti orang minyak... kerana benar-benar rasa marah dan menyampah !

  3. Rhyming.
    Contoh, Linda paling suka apabila dirinya dipuji. Manis mukanya bak bidadari. Mulusnya kulit persis kapas berseri. Bersinarnya rambut bak disinari mentari. Ya, Linda memang gila pujian tahap tertinggi !

  4. Fast Moving
  5. Shock Cut
  6. Twist
  7. Visual (Show Don't Tell)

Proposal buku kepada syarikat Penulis Tunas Super (PTS)
  1. Guna :
  2. -perkataan yang mudah faham
    -perkataan standard
    -Bahasa Melayu Tinggi

  3. Elak :
  4. -bahasa trendi
    -perkataan bombastik
    -bahasa dialek
    -Bahasa Melayu Rendah

  5. Proposal buku :
  6. -ringkaskan kesemuanya ke bentuk sinopsis
    -2 mukasurat sinopsis
    -pilih watak
    -pemilihan lokasi
    -tema cerita
    -durasi cerita
    -kenapa cerita ini bagus?

Pembahagian masa ? Sibuk sangat sampai tak dapat tulis novel ? Kalau boleh, sekurang-kurangnya, tulis 1 mukasurat 1 hari. Insya Allah 4 bulan kemudian, dah boleh hantar ke editor dansetelah melalui proses tertentu, novel akan siap dicetak dan dijual :) Selamat maju jaya ! :D

Semoga ilmu yang dikongsi dapat memberi manfaat :) ingat, DISIPLIN kunci kejayaan !


Seminar NoveliStar AinMaisarah

Huhu seminar novelis.. Sebenarnya, Hazirah nak pergi kem pengawas (28hb feb-2 Mac) tetapi setelah mengkaji penglibatan rakan sekelas dalam kem, tiada seorang pun yang sertai so Hazirah rasa pergi seminar lebih baik dan berbaloi.. gembira dapat pergi seminar dengan hati yang tenang hahaha..

Post ini tentang apa yang berlaku sahaja, segala ilmu akan Hazirah kongsi tapi bukan dalam post ni, sebab banyak, huhu penat korang nak tunggu dia load kan.. 
Ilmu perlu dikongsi kerana ilmu ini bukan kita yang punya. Siapa punya ? Allah yang punya ;)
haha Hazirah cakap tak serupa bikin, ada dua tiga tutorial yang Hazirah tak bagi share... tapi bukan sebab kedekut ilmu tapi sebab korang suka claim tu korang punya, bikin panas je huhu ~

pemberi tunjuk ajar ialah Puan Ain Maisarah dan suaminya. 
banyak tips yang dikongsi supaya dapat membuat novel yang baik ^^

Dapat kawan baru, Ainul, Najihah, Mimi, dan lain-lain.. ^^ Alhamdulillah...
Mana satu Hazirah ? yang paling khusyuk pandang depan :P kwang kwang kwang :v

Group Fabulous Girls. Mentor = Kak Izanor Sharif, penulis novel siri Dongeng Sri Bangsar :D bila pandang muka akak ni, teringat ustazah Hazirah sebab muka diorang lebih kurang o.o 
Nama group tu susah betul nak cipta, last-last fabulous girl juga yang menang undian haha :P

Bukan nama group sahaja kena cipta, nama pena pun perlu. hehe. Hazirah Muslim :) 
Ramai fikir Hazirah bajet alim tapi sebenarnya nama penuh Hazirah ialah Hazirah binti Muhamad Muslim.. Lol xD

sajian makanan tengah hari. Habis satu dewan bau ayam KFC. 4 orang sahaja yang menempah nasi huhu.. nasi lagi kenyang rasanya... ?

Setelah penat melakukan aktiviti berkumpulan dan membuat latihan, kami berehat seketika dengan hidangan donut Big Apple. Hazirah pilih yang ada corak bunga warna putih pada donut coklat tu :) Alhamdulillah ...

sesi fotografi semua peserta sebelum pulang sebagai tanda kenangan ;)
Hazirah dapat bergambar di sebelah mentor kumpulan sendiri, bangga jap haha
*jangan tanya kenapa ada smiley ditengah-tengah tu ok...

sedang mengucap selamat tinggal kepada mentorku T^T huhu, walaupun Hazirah nampak pendiam, tapi Hazirah rasa macam nak duduk dalam seminar ni lebih lama.. :/ dan Hazirah tak sempat nak beli novel dan ambil tandatangan penulis yang lain kerana ibu sudah lama menunggu.. huhu :')

Ini ialah antara benda yang Hazirah dapat (selain ilmu) ketika menghadiri seminar. Ada banyak lagi tapi dah selamat sampai ke dalam perut xD hehehehe

akan ku manfaatkan ilmu yang dipelajari,
agar dapat menulis novel dengan baik,
 ^^ dan menjadi novelis,
 yang dapat membantu diri dan pembaca ke arah kebaikan,
In Shaa Allah,

Merentas Desa. Starbuck. Happy Birthday.


       Pada 22hb Februari ni, sekolah Hazirah ada menganjurkan acara "Kejohanan Merentas Desa". Sekolah ni ada empat rumah sukan iaitu [ibnu hazem-merah] [ibnu radzi-kuning (tapi dah bubar)] [ibnu sina-hijau] [ibnu khaldun-biru] [ibnu rusyd-ungu]. Hazirah rumah sukan Ibnu Rusyd. Hazirah nak sangat sekolah sbpi tapi Hazirah rasa sekolah ni pun bagus juga. Lihatlah, nama rumah sukan sahaja sudah nama tokoh-tokoh islam :D bangga wuuu.. Lol 
       by the way, laluan merentas desa ni Hazirah hafal tapi tak confident. Hazirah ikut orang depan dan akhirnya.... Hazirah tersalah laluan T^T penat patah balik, tapi Alhamdulillah Hazirah dapat sumbang markah kepada rumah sukan Hazirah, tak perlu tahu kot Hazirah dapat nombor berapa .. hewhew :P Hazirah tersalah laluan sebab penjaga checkpoint tak bagi tahu kena belok kanan -.- rupa-rupanya penjaga checkpoint pun tak tahu yang sebenarnya kena belok kanan. haih, kangkung punya orang! =.=

       Alhamdulillah, pada mulanya, Hazirah memang dah plan nak berhenti blogging sampai cuti panjang baru sambung balik, namun setelah sampai badge yang comel lagi kiut miut ni, Hazirah rasa bersemangat nak sambung blogging xD haha.. Hazirah letak badge ni di penselbox, disebabkan doodle dia lelaki perempuan maka datanglah insan-insan mempertikai, siapakah lelaki itu ? >_< Lol design dia dah memang macam tuh, comel apa.. kan ?

         Hazirah dan Ain lepak di Starbuck. Kak Hidayah (kakak sepupu) yang belanja. Ceritanya begini, Kak Hidayah nak borak-borak dengan Kak Sarah (kakak hazirah) di Starbuck. Menurut beliau, ini lah tempat paling seronok untuk bersantai sebab tak ramai orang dan bau kopinya juga menyelerakan tetapi, sekiranya beliau pergi berseorangan, tiada wang saku yang akan diberi. Oleh itu, dia mengajak Ain (adiknya) untuk turut serta kerana hanya dengan kehadiran Ain, si ibu akan memberi wang saku, teruknya permainan dia ? :P haha.. Ain ni pula tak akan nak duduk sorang-sorang, so diorang ajak Hazirah.. Memang best kat Starbuck ni, ada free+fast wifi, semua urusan berkaitan internet yang tak dapat diselesaikan di rumah, Hazirah selesaikan di sini, hahaha...

       Untungnya keluarga ini, dapat anak yang rajin-rajin belaka. haha (jangan muntah, jangan muntah :P).. yang benda warna kuning tu ialah Maple Mille Crepe Hazirah ver. tu salah buat sebenarnya sebab banyak bahan yang ditukar kepada bahan lain Lol, tapi tak apa, memang time tu addicted sangat dengan manga Yumeiro Pattisiere (cerita tentang makanan terutama dessert lah)...memang nak sangat buat untuk birthday atuk, sampai gitulah jadinya hahaha xD janji sedap! haha.. yang ada perkataan [heart] Abah tu kakak Hazirah yang buat... semangat beliau buat sempena birthday ayah ... sedap ^^