FLL 2014 Nature's Fury - SEMERBAK VENDETTA

We are from SMK Seri Gombak aka Semerbak Vendetta for this year FLL 2014 , we choose flood as our natures fury. Our project or solution is called TENTRA . Tentra have good ventilation, electric and it provides privacy. Tentra is also made up from antimicrobial liner which can reduce the infection around the flood victims. Tentra can be a reality if you support us in FLL 2014 , help us to help our BELOVED MALAYSIAN! MALAYSIA BOLEH! Wish us a goodluck in FLL 2014 .Thanks for watching :)

FIRST Lego League
The FIRST LEGO League (also known by the acronym FLL) is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students (ages 9–14 in the USA and Canada, 9–16 elsewhere).

Competition details
There are four main sections of the competition. Firstly, in the Core Values Session, students are interviewed by a panel of judges or participate in a teamwork exercise. Secondly, in the Robot Design Executive Summary, or technicals, the students must demonstrate that the robot they built is designed appropriately for the tasks given (effective design, use of sensors, etc.). Thirdly, in the research project, the students must do a research project and give a short presentation to a panel of judges on the innovative problem-solving they completed. Finally, the students must use the robots they designed and built to autonomously complete a set of tasks on a playing field.

Table performance
The robot starts in an area marked as 'base'. This is a white area in the corner or to one side of the table. In base, two team members are allowed to touch the robot and start programs. If the team touches the robot while it is outside of base (a 'rescue' or 'retrieve'), the touch penalty objects are removed from play. These are mission models that are worth points without manipulation, providing an incentive to not rescue the robot. The robot is not required to return to base; some teams have completed all their missions without returning to base during the time allowed to complete the missions. In fact, in the 2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-2012, and 2012-13 challenges, points were awarded if the robot was in one of two specified areas, not including base, at the end of the two and a half minute match.Table performance is worth 16.6% of the total mark.

Robot Design Executive Summary
Each team has a timed interview (usually 5 to 10 minutes) with a team of judges to discuss the design and operation of their robot. Judges look for teams whose work stands out because of its innovation and/or navigational consistency. To assess innovation, the judges watch the robots work, looking for actions that impress them. They also interview team members to reveal the less obvious unique and inventive ideas. To assess navigational consistency, the judges interview the teams to learn what solid principles and best practices were used to reduce variability and errors. Robot design is worth 16.6% of the final mark. 

 Project presentation
Prior to the competition, the teams complete research related to the topic of the year. For example, in 2007 the teams researched alternative energy, which included an energy audit on a building in their area and possible improvements to its existing systems. The teams then present this information during a timed presentation to the judges. This is followed up by a timed question and answer period (typically, these are 5 minutes each). The teams can use props in their presentation, such as models or PowerPoints. The project is worth 33.3% of the final mark.

 Core Values
Observation judges watch each team in action and also interview the team to discuss how the team functioned. Judges identify teams that best demonstrate enthusiasm, spirit, partnership, respect to their own teammates and others, and gracious professionalism. Core values is worth 33.3% of the final mark.

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