Ayakashi Ghost Guild

                Hey guys! Long time no see. I'm not in a hiatus mode, the truth is, I've lost interest on blogging >_> huhu.. There's something that caught my attention and I've been spending my free time mostly with it. It is Ayakashi Ghost Guild. It is a game made by marketing company, Zynga. I rephrase, Zynga is not a game company, it is marketing but gratefully, until now, i haven't spend a single cent on the game.. ( some of my friends already did and being called 'whale' haha )

                Ayakashi Ghost Guild is fun. It is a card online with base strategy game. It needs you to find a way to succeed in an event. Read a lot of Ayakashi wiki and refer to old player, they can help giving useful tips and information to the new player.. You can ask me too because I'm not a newbie anymore lol :DD
                What's the interesting things on Ayakashi ? Well, I play the game because of the arts.. If I didn't manage to get the card I want, I could just download the wallpaper. Ayakashi has been the 'hardest' game compare to Million Arthur or Valkyrie Crusade. It is because the customer support is bad so I don't recommend using money on this game. One day, you will regret :)

                Back to the topic, Ayakashi has five main activity which are ;

  • Story - We are the main character. We and our partner, Mira will try the best to claim the title "The Best Ghost Agent". There's many problems made by the bad ghosts, after defeating the bad ghosts, we can negotiate and have them on our side!

  • Summon - We can summon powerful daemons (good ghosts). I don't recommend it because it costs gold. Plus, it also depend on our luck.. some might be lucky while the others might not. it's a waste so don't go for it.

  • Battle - We can battle with other players. The higher our spirit, more daemons can be added into our deck. (Attack and defend decks). As beginning, we need to collect as many defensive daemons to ward of attackers. Use the most powerful daemons as leader or the cutest one haha.

  • Fuse - We need magatama to feed our daemons. We need to max them so their power is at the fullest !

  • Guild - It is a big group. We can survey a good guild from Ayakashi wiki. There, if we achieve their requirement, we can join them. It is fun ! Chatting english with other people, it can help your english because some just like being grammar nazi.. but don't worry, everyone respect each other, they don't use harsh words ;) or... you could just join up your country based guild. Just search up your country name, and the guilds will appear on the list.

    • Other than story, Ayakashi also has events. We can get ranking rewards too!

  • Sealstone - This is my favourite event ! We need to collect six stones from story/battle and the daemon we get is suprised ! This kind of event is suitable for lower player because of spirit requirement of one battle cost like 30-50 spirit..(1 spirit 1 minute) but when we are high level, sometimes it cost 180 - 200 for one battle (How can we hold a stone for 3 hours?). When other players attack us, and we win, it will show as 'successful counters'.. It makes me so happy to have a decent amount of successful counters and my name appear on the board hehehe

  • Tower - We need to climb a tower with 200 floors. It is impossible to finish tower without items so we need to spare items that can help us reach 200th! I like this event because we can get good daemons but school ruined it haha. Not even a minute can be wasted.

  • Guild conquest - guild is not just for chatting, on this event, we can search and fight TOGETHER ! The boss is hard to defeat by oneself...If we are lucky, we can get bonus reward too! Luck is not my thing, so it is a very miracle that i got my bonus reward even though that was the first, let's hope that's not the the last one -.-"

  • There's also solo conquest. Solo is solo. I don't have enough spirit for 100th boss so I always stop at boss 80th-81st...

  • If we have extra week, there'll be soul gem, it is same concept with sealstone but easier and we can get decent items :)


If any of you guys, readers (i think there's no one who read my blog already xD) want to take a shot of this game, good luck ! and have fun ! people that into strategy like me really love this game, the struggle is real :))


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